viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

The next exam

As some of you asked me for a little help to prepare the exam, in this post I am going to give you some hints

First, it's sure that one question is a drawing of an organ system. you will have to label the different names of the organs (Drawings are like in activities). Here I put an example

Second, another question will consist in matching different concepts with their definitions. You did quite a lot of this kind of exercise in your homework. From these activities I will choose most of the concepts for your exam.

Third, you will have a question of define concepts. There are several post in the blog with concepts and their definitions. Maybe they are too many concepts, so I have chosen only a few from all the concepts ( There will be 4 concepts):

constipation / anemia / bladder / digestion / homeostasis / urine / duodenum /

systemic circulation / nephrons / enzyme / pulmonary circulation /

excretion /gall bladder / plasma / epiglottis / peristalsis / diaphragm / larynx

Fourth, there will be another question of “fill in the gaps”. I am going to copy some parragraphs from the “mini” textbook, but without some keywords that you will have to figure out.

Fifth, you should study each different organs of all the organ systems and which happen in each of them. A good example is activity 22 about digestive system ( I am not saying this activity is going to be in the exam, there will be something similar about all the systems).

Sixth, there will be another question with differents sentences about the organ systems and you will have to decide if the sentence is true or false, as you did in the activities. ( This question is not absolutly sure)

Seventh, it could appear one text with questions. In this case it would be one of the text you have worked in class.

Finally, I like the questions of describing paths of cells or molecules through our body. It could be the path of some component of the foods (glucose, ...) through the digestive system ( from the mouth to the small intestine and blood) It could be the path of a red blood cell from one part of the heart to different place (This post could help you to learn the path ). It could be the path of the oxygen outside in the air to the cells. It colud be the path of urea trough the kidney (nephrons) and urinary system,..........Of course these question are for getting good marks in the exam.

Please, study quite a lot. If you have any doubt or question. in the blog you have my e-mail to ask me about them.


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