lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

60+Earth Hour

Turning off the lights on March 26 is just a step to recognize that mother earth needs our help. Together we can protect earths precious resources by conserving, developing, and spreading the word. Flipping the swtich for one hour on Saturday will be your vote for mother earth.
Earth Hour, was first started in Australia (2007) as a way to bring community together to acknowledge the importance of reducing consumption of earths natural resources. Turning off the lights for an hour helps us see the impact we have on the environment..

Just one year after the first "Earth Hour" in Sydney Australia it became a viral phenonemon. Now spreading globally with a movement reaching more than 50 million people that participate in more than 35 countries.
Earth Hour hopes to encourage consumers, businesses, and governments to be thoughtful in action plans to caryy out practical ways to reduce emmissions.

In Spain it will be next saturday from 20.30 to 21.30. Pocoyo is going to be one of the main protagonist of the third edition of the Earth Hour.

If you have more interest about the activities of this day you can go to
I encourage you to participate. You are the future and there is only one EARTH

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