domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010



The main purpose of this blog is to be a useful tool for the 3rd year students of Biology and Geology in I.E.S. Hernán Pérez del Pulgar of Ciudad Real.

My idea about the blog is to put several posts every week with information about the Unit we are studying . These posts won't be too long in order to make the learning process easier.

I would like you to put comments to the post (please, only to some of them). In this way I’ll be able to consider your comments to improve your marks .

I'll try to do my best, but it's difficult not to make some little mistakes. I'd like to apologise in advance for these.

Maybe some of you are wondering why I have chosen this name for the blog. “Panda’s thumb” was the title of a book of collected essays about evolution by the Harvard paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould. He was a very important evolutionary biologist and historian of science

Just in case you don’t know what evolution is....

Sorry about the advertising

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  2. Pedro you can put unit 1,2,3 ... and then you put the diferent sections in each unit.
    I like the video of the Simpsons