martes, 10 de mayo de 2011


Do you know this word? I don’t think so. Serendipity is when one finds something that one was not expecting to find. You can learn more about this concept in wikipedia.
But Why this title of a post in this blog?
The reason is very simple this mornig I was teaching about pollination and how important is for all living being and this evening I have found in the digital edition of The Guardian this wonderful video of Louie Swarzberg about pollination.
I think that It’s worth and I encourage you to watch it. It is subtitled and the images are really amazing.
"Always take time to smell the flowers and let it fill you with beauty and rediscover this sense of wonder”
(You can begin in 3:20 if you don’t want to listen to the presentation.)

What did you think of that amazing aerial barrel-roll that the hummingbird did at 3:52? Did you see it flying upside down? And did you see the baby bat clinging to mama at 5:55?

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